Five FAB Activities that Don’t Require a Bra #NationalNoBraDay

Today, October 13th, we dare you to do the unthinkable: leave your bra at home! While the entire month of October is dedicated as being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, today is exceptionally special as being National No Bra Day. Today we are aiming to bring more awareness to the importance of breast cancer screening, recognizing symptoms, performing self-examinations, and supporting survivors. We not only encourage you to get active on social media and join the #nobraday movement in celebration of National No Bra Day, but to actually get out today and celebrate the day braless! Lucky for you, we’ve already created a cool (but not all-inclusive) list of Fab Five things you can do that don’t require a bra.

1.  Binge-watch Netflix

Why not make the most of national no bra day by throwing on your favorite pair of sweats and binge watching your current obsession on Netflix. Nothing embodies relaxation more than allowing yourself to take a break from the hectic world around you and simply letting yourself enjoy some laughs.

2. “Treat Yo Self” to a Spa Day

The only thing more comfortable than a braless outfit? A soft, fuzzy robe! Today, treat yourself (or as we Parks & Rec fans like to say – treat yoself) to a spa day. Call up a girlfriend and take a drive to that spa you’ve seen everyone post about. Or have a solo spa day! Or light up some candles, toss your favorite new bath bomb into your tub, use that clay face mask you’ve been excited to try out, and enjoy a few hours of relaxation from the comforts of your own home.

3. Have a Cuddle Sesh With Your Furry BFF

Our pets will always be our biggest fans. They’ll never judge you and will always love you for who you are – regardless of if you’re in a bra or not! Take some time today to take advantage of this and have an extra extra comfortable cuddle sesh with them.

4. Rock Your Favorite Backless Outfit Braless!

As the saying goes, a women is never sexier than when she is comfortable In her clothes. So in honor of national no bra day, we are telling you ladies to ditch those uncomfortable bras and instead take advantage of the newfound fashion freedom that comes with being liberated from those constricting bras. Why not use this day to showcase those backless dresses you’ve been too scared to wear until today, or those low cut tops you bought long ago but never had the chance to wear out. Today is the day to leave those antiquated fashion rules behind and embrace being braless and flawless.

5. Go Online Shopping!

What’s better than finally purchasing what you’ve been obsessing over…that super cute tee or perfect gift set that works for every occasion? Doing all that from the comfort of your own house. So why not ditch the bra, throw on a comfy outfit and hit the cyber world to do find some new clothes.  Use coupon code NOBRA for 20% off when you shop with us this weekend. Enjoy, be free & shop!

Aleksandra & Paola
the FAB Team


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