Five FAB Ways to show your BOSS how BOSS she is!

It’s National Boss Day and we are beyond excited to share with you Five FAB ways of telling your boss how boss of a boss they are! This day only rolls around once a year so use one of our ideas (or your own) and show your boss how much you appreciate him/her!

1. Nothing sweeter than a Latte


We’ve all been there, when our knight in shinning armor has been that hot cup of coffee that gives us that extra push we need to start the workweek. So why not do the same for your boss? Something as simple a cup of coffee or even that pumpkin spice latte they have been waiting all year for can instantly brighten up their day and also show them how appreciated they are.

2. Cute Thank You Card


With everything nowadays becoming electronic and losing all senses of personal touch, why not do something different? There is truly nothing comparable to taking the time to find a witty or cute card and writing a simple thank you to your boss. It’s something that doesn’t cost much, but can make your boss’ day. We all need to be reminded that we are appreciated every once in a while, and nothing shows it more than a handwritten card.  Click Here to view all Thank You Notes.

3. Treat your Boss to lunch


Showing your boss your appreciation doesn’t have to be a huge, over the top gesture. Try to take the time to simply treat them to lunch. Go explore the new restaurant that just opened around the corner, or finally go try that café all your friends have been telling you about.

4. Flower Power


We have all heard of people getting flowers delivered from their boyfriends or husbands… so just think about how extra special it would feel to receive flowers from an employee. This unexpected and absolutely sweet gesture will be thought of all week as those flowers fill the room with their lovely presence. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to order from that one same expensive online company and can get a beautiful bouquet at any grocery store for less than the price of a new lip gloss.

5. Last But Not Least


We’ve all been there… it’s 4:45 and you’re getting ready to go home and you suddenly remember it’s National Boss Day and you totally spaced out on showing your boss how much you appreciate them. Instead of just setting a mental reminder to do something extra special next year, take a few minutes to send your boss a thank you email. It’s the thought that counts in situations like this so keep it short and sweet or bring out your inner poet and have a ball with it! Regardless of how much you write, going that extra mile to show your appreciation will definitely bring a smile to their face!

by Aleksandra & Paola

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