Step Up Your Instagram Game

If you’re anything like me, you’re always trying to find the coolest spots to take hip photos at. It’s so exciting to find a trendy location to shoot at… but unfortunately, most of the ones that we all go to are extremely over-Instagrammed. Everyone knows about the pink wall on Melrose and the Urban Lights at LACMA, but where are all those trendy, hidden, not-so-over-Instagrammed photo-op spots? I went out exploring our home of DTLA for a few months and compiled a small collection of some these hidden gems. Now’s the time to step up your Instagram game.

1) Weller Court Shopping Center

This spot is straight out of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” music video. It’s located in Little Tokyo in DTLA, off 1st Street and Main Street. It’s so hidden that you almost miss it as you’re walking directly past it. The lights change a the perfect gradual pace… slow enough to allow you to take plenty of shots at your favorite color but quick enough that you don’t have to wait too long if you miss the color you were waiting for.

2) OUE Skyspace LA
This 360-degree view of Los Angeles is unlike anything else. It’s beautiful during the day, at sunset, and at night. With nothing there to obstruct your view, you are free to take the most trendy photos with your wind-blown hair and jaw-dropping views. #goals
3) Arts District
I know what you’re thinking… everyone takes photos at the Arts District. This is half-true, though. Everyone takes pictures at the angel wings at the Arts District, but I have yet to see someone Instagram a photo at this specific wall. It’s on the side of the Angel City Brewery building and it is crazy cute. The bright pops of blue will make your feed stand out against everyone else’s pink wall pictures.
4) The Last Bookstore
This place is heaven for those who love to read, as well as for those who love to take pictures. The ground level is your typical hipster bookstore, but the second level is where all the fun begins. Books are transformed into pieces of art, windows, tunnels, and more.
5) Hanging Lights
This is one of my favorite places because it’s like having Christmas lights up year-round! It’s the perfect spot for lights-enthusiasts. The lights are located down 4th Street and Spring Street.

the FAB Team


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