Five FAB Breakfast Spots in DTLA

Our studio is in the heart of the Fashion District in Downtown LA and not only do we love the energy, art, creativity and culture…we also LOVE the food. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, correct? Therefore, breakfast should never be boring. Thankfully, being located in Downtown Los Angeles has given us the opportunity to be fortunate enough to try dozens of different breakfast and brunch spots. However, we decided to compile a small list of four of our favorite spots that won’t be overcrowded and are sure to meet even your highest breakfast standards.

1. Faith and Flower

Faith and Flower is, in my humble opinion, the best brunch hidden gem. While most spots have crazy wait-times or require reservations, I was able to show up here on a Sunday afternoon and be seated right away. The outdoor and indoor seating is equally enjoyable. Their menus are inside actual books – so cool! Their food is meant to be shared – so, order several plates for the group and enjoy all of the different and delicious food they offer.


2. Far Bar

If you can find Far Bar, you’ll be in brunch heaven. There is a normal entrance, but that’s no fun, right? The outdoor seating to this restaurant has a secret entrance that you would miss if you were just walking by and not looking for it. Between two large buildings is a small passage just large enough for a person to go through. Once you walk all the way down, you’ll arrive in their outdoor seating area, all complete with hanging lights and sparkly plants.


3. Syrup Desserts

Syrup has an amazing selection of different types of waffles. But, the best part about this place is that you can add scoops of ice cream to your waffles. Because why not have dessert for breakfast?


4. Wake & Late

Four words: Best. Breakfast. Burrito. Ever. This restaurant is small and has an even smaller menu – but that’s a good thing, because that means they do those few things really, really well. They’re open really early – then close for the middle of the day – and then open up late again for those 1AM breakfast burrito cravings.


5. Bottega Louie

You may know them for their absolutely delightful macarons packaged in colorful gift boxes but Bottega Louie also has a bomb breakfast menu that will leave you wanting more.  Favorites include the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and French Toast with strawberry compote and almonds.

Bottega Louie Breakfast


Aleksandra, Sara & Charissa

the FAB Team

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