Coachella Recap

With weekend 2 of Coachella finally over, the post-festival blues are kicking in pretty hard. Thankfully, reminiscing and looking back on photos and videos is doing a good job at keeping our spirits alive. We hope our mini recap will keep you going throughout the week!

The Music:

The festival’s eight stages (can’t forget about the Do LaB) allows for such a diverse music experience. From the non-stop party at Sahara with EDM and hip hop talent to the cool and collective vibes from the Mojave tent, there’s something there for everyone. We spent some time enjoying the talents at each of the stages. Acts such as The XX and Bon Iver were extraordinary and allowed for you to either dance close to the stage or to take a seat in the grass and enjoy the show from a distance. Porter Robinson and Madeon had a very special show Sunday night. It was their last time ever performing together, and they made it a beautiful finale as their show was perfectly timed with the sunset. We got to learn a dance with Capital Cities and listen to a full orchestra with Hans Zimmer. Each show had a combination of lights and visuals that were mesmerizing and blew us away. We watched as many performances as we could, and could go on and on for hours about each one. The lineup this year did not disappoint at all. We’ll have to keep watching our videos to relive those beautiful moments.


The Art:

Each year tops the prior year when it comes to the art installations. This year was all about color. The giant party piñatas served multiple functions; they were both amazing blocks of colors to serve as photo backgrounds as well as the perfect provider of shade during the hot daytime hours. The other installation we loved looked like it had jumped straight out of Dr. Seuss’ world. Trees made of odd shapes, lumps, colors, and patterns formed a perfect forest of amazement. Each tree figure was unique and a great presentation of the diversity that Coachella brings. The mirror installation was quite the sight both during the day and at night. The one difference that separated it from the other works of art was that you weren’t able to see it up close and could only obverse from a distance. Although the balloons are there every year, they are always a hit and so much fun to photograph. However, did you know that if you followed the balloon train to the end of the line that you could actually get to hold the end of the rope? If you don’t mind waiting in a small line, you could get the perfect Coachella shot holding the infamous balloons.


We can’t forget about all the other aspects of Coachella either… there’s the yummy food, the sea of beautiful and thoughtfully planned out outfits, and the rose gardens, among others things. Coachella may be over until next year, but the summer festival season is just getting started. And to help style your festival outfits, we have hand selected our favorite bags, bottles, and flasks for you to bring with you to your next music festival! You can shop them all here!


Sara & Aleksandra

the FAB Team

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