Met Gala Hairstyle Crushes

As always, when it comes to FAB fashion, this year’s Met Gala did not disappoint!  So much style inspiration in the forever-fashionable NYC but let’s not forget the hair.  These artful dos had me screaming yaaaaaaaas!


Zendaya. Yes, of course her Dolce & Gabbana gown is beautiful but let’s keep it completely real…it’s the compliment of her big voluptuous natural hair that makes her style aesthetic eye-catching perfection.


Thandie Newton.  With creole earrings, smoky eye make-up perfection and a flower adorned headpiece, this FAB mother of three keeps your attention from head to toe.


Cara Delevingne amped up the buzz-cut she’s rocking for her role in Life in a Year with metallic silver paint for a dramatic futuristic look that makes her an elegant sci-fi fashion fantasy come true.


Lala Anthony.  You know how you always want to look fierce on the day that you run into your ex no matter how long it’s been?  Well even though this fashion statement is all about Lala looking simply FAB and being “Unbreakable” (as described in her Instagram photo above), we still have two words… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


Rita Ora. I’ll admit that her beautiful bling drew me in close but it was her edgy textured hair that became the conversation piece.  LOVE this brilliant hair design by César DeLeön Ramirez.

the FAB Team

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