Betrayal By Poetry

We love supporting local artists and this past weekend, we were SUPER excited to support our beloved Eric Byrd of Story Byrd Productions in the debut of his first stage play, Betrayal By Poetry.  Eric’s vibrant poems and the 6 member cast that brought his words to life took us on an AWESOME ride of highs and lows with laugh-out-loud comedy as well as tender moments that made us reflect and think.  Remember, you heard it from us first…we predict that not only will Eric Byrd and Story Byrd Productions produce many more FAB projects in the future, but we also predict that we’ll see a second round of Betrayal By Poetry coming to a theatre near you so DON’T MISS OUT.


As a sponsor of the event, all ticket holders got to walk away with two thank you notes from our popular Thanks Shirt Notecard and Hey Thanks Notecard sets.  We appreciate all of the FAB feedback and LOVE we received for these sweet notes.  We were thrilled that we could share some FABULOSITY with guests in support of a great event.  #thankful #weknewhimwhen


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