Tips for a great Summer body

It’s a few weeks into summer which means endless beach trips, invites to Vegas, and tank tops and shorts.  If you don’t have your perfect summer bod yet, have no fear because we’re about to share some tips to help get your body Instagram and pool ready.  Of course getting the perfect summer body takes time but with patience and dedication, you’ll be toned and tanned.



During the summer months the temperatures will tend to skyrocket and as a result so should the amount of water you intake daily. It is especially important to drink water if you are planning on drinking alcohol!

Out of Sight Out of Mind!

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It is easier to keep a healthy diet if you leave unhealthy foods, such as your fav bag of chips, out of your house entirely.  Having only healthy foods within reach will make it easier to switch your favorite movie snack from ice cream bites to frozen grapes!

Stay Busy!

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Keeping yourself busy throughout the day will make it harder for you to eat out of boredom. Sign up for a yoga class or go to that kickboxing class your bestie has been raving about. The time for change in your daily routine is now!

Don’t Skip Meals!

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Don’t fall for the fad diets made up of less than 1,050 – 1,200 calories. Diets of this nature actually tend to be counterproductive and could slow down your metabolism! So stick to a healthy balanced meal packed with plenty of colorful veggies.

Try using Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is a good tool in helping you lose weight because it acts as an appetite suppressor and will reduce your urges to snack and eat a lot during the day.  It also prevents fat accumulation by stimulating your metabolism thus helping you burn fat faster.  To incorporate apple cider vinegar in your everyday diet, it is recommended that you take a tablespoon of it before every meal up to two tablespoons.  You should not take too much apple cider vinegar in a day because it is acidic and can produce negative effects if it is consumed in excess.

        We hope our tips and tricks will help you along your fitness journey! Comment down below any tips you found helpful. 🙂

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