FYF Festival Recap

If you thought you could give your wallet a rest after “festival season”…there’s bad (or is it good) news for you.  This year’s festival lineups have been incredible and diverse meaning there’s no break for your wallet since FYF came out with an awesome lineup as well.  If you didn’t go to FYF and had FOMO this weekend, have no fear because that’s what we’re here for!  Here’s a quick recap of all of our favorite moments that happened this weekend.  

One of the most anticipated performances was from the legendary Frank Ocean since he has been killin it lately with his album and hit singles.  This artist hasn’t performed live in a while and he was everything people were hoping for and more.  Frank brought out Brad Pitt on the big screen- a cameo we never expected and never knew it was exactly what we needed and sang to him.  The soulful singer captured everyone’s hearts as he bellowed out a beautiful tune to Pitt as he held the phone to his ear listening to Ocean’s voice.  Along with this unusual yet perfect cameo from an iconic celebrity, Frank Ocean performed songs from his newest album, Blonde and had an intimate set full of good vibes and raw emotions.

frank ocean.jpg

Another notable performance was from MGMT and they kicked off their groovy and fun set with one of their most famous songs, Kids.  The band was very impressing since their voices sounded the same live as they do in their hit singles and they quickly got the whole crowd dancing away the afternoon.  The best moment during their set is when they started playing “Electric feel” and waves of nostalgia hit as they performed this classic song with a little bit of a twist.  Looking around, people of every age, skin color, and ethnicity were all united as they nodded their heads and swayed to the beat of the song.


Continuing with the artists that really stood out this weekend, next up we have Missy Elliott. Missy Elliott’s performance was one for the books, literally. Her performance at FYF was her first full length US date in a decade and let me tell you she held nothing back as she walked on stage wearing a cap with “Queen” embozilled on the front. Missy Elliott gave attendees an experience, not just a concert and that is what the festival life is really all about.

FYF blog missy elliott.jpg

Finally,  Solange came back for her third performance at FYF since 2013. Her set, which she choreographed and composed herself, was a celebration of black lives that was made obvious fairly quickly into her performance. From her cathartic Cranes In The Sky to her moving performance of A Seat At The Table, Solange showed the captivated audience what it truly means to be an artist all while dressed head to toe in all red.


That wraps up our recap on this years FYF Fest! Thanks for tuning in, don’t forget to comment your favorite performer down below in the comments section! 🙂

The FAB Team,

Edith & Itzel

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