Fall Favorites

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun…summer has passed by in a whirlwind and now it’s already September.  Even though summer is over, the good thing about September is that it is officially the start of pumpkin spice lattes, winter outfits, holidays, and fall foods.  In other words, it is the beginning of fall season!!!!  Here are some of our favorites that showcase why we’re so excited for this fall season.

First, of course we are pumped to now be able to have one of the signature flavors that is only available during the fall:  pumpkin spice! Nothing gets you quicker into the holiday spirit than sipping on Pumpkin Spice Latte which tastes like Christmas in a cup.  Whether you get it from Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or even make it fresh at home you can’t go wrong with this flavorful drink. And if, like us, you’re still stuck in summer like weather then opt for the iced version which happens to be just as delicious!

fall favs blog pic 1.jpg

Another amazing treat that you can only get during the fall season is a pumpkin spice cupcake.  We found this amazing recipe that is all but mistake proof. Tested and tried these cupcakes will be the perfect sweet treat to get you in the holiday spirit.

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes


Serves: 24 cupcakes and 2 cups frosting


For the cupcakes:

  • 1 (16.25-ounce) spice cake mix
  • 1 (15-ounce) can pure pumpkin puree
  • 3 large eggs
  • ¼ cup water
  • ⅓ cup vegetable oil
  • Prepared cream cheese frosting or use the frosting recipe below
  • ¼ cup toasted pecans for topping (optional)

For the frosting:

  • 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened
  • 1 stick (1/2 cup) butter, softened
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups powdered confectioners sugar


For the cupcakes:

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Place cupcake liners in 24 muffin cups (or grease muffin cups).
  2. Blend cake mix, pumpkin puree, eggs, water and oil in a large bowl at low speed until moistened. Increase speed to medium and beat for an additional 2 minutes.
  3. Pour batter into muffin cups evenly (about ¾ full).
  4. Bake for 19-22 minutes, or until a wooden toothpick inserted is removed clean.
  5. Cool on wire rack for at least 10 minutes. Cool completely before frosting.

For the frosting:

  1. In a large bowl using electric mixer at medium speed, beat cream cheese, butter and vanilla together until smooth and creamy, about 1 minute.
  2. Slowly add powdered sugar and beat until incorporated well. Increase speed to high and beat until light and fluffy, about 4 minutes.
  3. Frost cupcakes and top with toasted pecans, if desired.

Not only does fall bring you amazing drinks and sweets, it also finally allows you to switch out your tanks and shorts for comfy jeans and sweaters.  I don’t know if it’s just me but sweaters and jeggings are my favorite combination because with the right sweater, your outfit can be both cute and comfortable which is the most important part.  If it’s a little colder in your area, you can always accessorize with scarves, beanies, or gloves and always remember to layer, layer, layer!  Layering is super essential to packing in the heat for cold days but when it’s done right, it can also make an outfit look super put together and fashionable.  My closet essentials for layering are: flannels, thin hoodies, patterned scarves, and knee high socks.  For example, if you want to wear a cute tank top, layer with a flannel and a jacket and you’ll be able to showcase your summer shirt without the cost of being too cold.  Also, knee high socks layered over sheer leggings also give a cute and girly look when you want to wear a dress without exposing your legs to windy weather.

blog10.jpg   blog6.jpg

Lastly, the start of fall means that we’re getting closer and closer to the Holidays and that’s always something to look forward to.  Now that it’s September, the countdown to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years has begun and we can’t wait to get festive with our family and friends! Comment down below if, like us, you can’t wait to get into this year’s holiday spirit, and don’t forget to share with your friends so they too can get in the mood. 🙂

Wishing you all the best!

The FAB Team,

Edith & Itzel

5 Tips to Help You Prepare For Your First Day Back at School

The first day back at school after a long break always seems like a raging storm after a season of sunshine.  The stark difference between weekly beach trips and relaxing days to early morning classes and piles of homework can be pretty overwhelming and stressful.  However, us girls at Fab Design Co are here to help you get through the transition and hopefully the return back to school won’t be as bad as you anticipated.  Here are 5 tips to help prepare you for the first day back that will make you feel confident and prepared enough to conquer anything that the new school year brings!

1. Make sure you don’t procrastinate

If you have summer homework such as summer reading, get your butts to the beach or pool and hit the books!!  Summer reading doesn’t have to be such a drag because you can make it into a leisure activity if you are in your happy place and relax by the pool while you read about Santiago’s journey or Frankenstein’s struggle with self.  If you set a schedule for yourself in order to complete summer homework on time that will save you from the stress of trying to rush and finish everything the night before.


   2.  Get all the necessary school supplies needed in advance

I don’t know if it’s just me but getting new school supplies always gets me excited and is the upside of school starting.  There’s just something about perusing the aisles of Target or Staples and buying way too many unnecessary post-it notes that gives me in the spirit of school starting and helps me accept the end of summer a little bit more.  Not only is shopping for school supplies fun, it also helps a lot if you feel fully prepared with all the needed binders, notebooks, and pens.  Most people feel more excited to take notes in notebooks that they think are really cute so be sure to pick out things that speak to you or personalize your items to make everyday items more interesting.


 3. Try adjusting your sleeping schedule

Everyone’s sleeping schedule during the summer gets a little crazy because of long nights out with friends and little to no responsibilities during the day.  When school starts again it might be really hard to transition from sleeping at 2 am and waking up past noon to sleeping at 11pm and waking up before 8 am.  A better way to prevent such a harsh change would be to start sleeping earlier progressively a week or more before the first day of school.  For example, you could start by sleeping at 1 am on Monday and with each passing day of the week sleep an hour earlier than the day before.  The same can be done with the time you wake up each morning so you can slowly get used to early mornings again and the 8 am wake up alarm won’t be as horrible.


4. Pack a really good lunch and pick out a super cute outfit for the first day

As silly as this may sound, it is actually a very good way to motivate someone to go to school and build excitement for school starting.  When you know you are going to have a very filling and delicious meal, it helps fuel you through the day so you can finally munch on your meal with your friends.  Also, having an outfit that you really like is super important because it’ll help get you out of bed because nothing helps bring confidence like a good first day outfit!  These little motivators should be prepared the night before so you can wake up feeling ready to be reunited with all your classmates and friends after a summer of rejuvenation and growth.


5. Having a thorough and relaxing night routine

Speaking of “the night before”, there are several things you can do to relax yourself the night before school starts.  Taking a bubble bath is helpful because nothing is more relaxing than a nice warm tub with a lush bath bomb (am I right??).  After the bubble bath, you should do a facial mask to help keep your skin nice and smooth.  Lastly, listening to calming and chill music with candles in the room and do the final check on the contents of your backpack so you won’t be rushed in the morning to get packed.  Most importantly, just breathe and remember that you’re ready to take on whatever is thrown at you and that your friends and family will always be there for you in the midst of your new adventures.  A new school year can seem daunting but really, it’s just another thing for you to conquer so go out there and be the fabulous person that you are and I know you’ll be just fine.


With love,

The FAB Team

Edith, Itzel, & Sara

FYF Festival Recap

If you thought you could give your wallet a rest after “festival season”…there’s bad (or is it good) news for you.  This year’s festival lineups have been incredible and diverse meaning there’s no break for your wallet since FYF came out with an awesome lineup as well.  If you didn’t go to FYF and had FOMO this weekend, have no fear because that’s what we’re here for!  Here’s a quick recap of all of our favorite moments that happened this weekend.  

One of the most anticipated performances was from the legendary Frank Ocean since he has been killin it lately with his album and hit singles.  This artist hasn’t performed live in a while and he was everything people were hoping for and more.  Frank brought out Brad Pitt on the big screen- a cameo we never expected and never knew it was exactly what we needed and sang to him.  The soulful singer captured everyone’s hearts as he bellowed out a beautiful tune to Pitt as he held the phone to his ear listening to Ocean’s voice.  Along with this unusual yet perfect cameo from an iconic celebrity, Frank Ocean performed songs from his newest album, Blonde and had an intimate set full of good vibes and raw emotions.

frank ocean.jpg

Another notable performance was from MGMT and they kicked off their groovy and fun set with one of their most famous songs, Kids.  The band was very impressing since their voices sounded the same live as they do in their hit singles and they quickly got the whole crowd dancing away the afternoon.  The best moment during their set is when they started playing “Electric feel” and waves of nostalgia hit as they performed this classic song with a little bit of a twist.  Looking around, people of every age, skin color, and ethnicity were all united as they nodded their heads and swayed to the beat of the song.


Continuing with the artists that really stood out this weekend, next up we have Missy Elliott. Missy Elliott’s performance was one for the books, literally. Her performance at FYF was her first full length US date in a decade and let me tell you she held nothing back as she walked on stage wearing a cap with “Queen” embozilled on the front. Missy Elliott gave attendees an experience, not just a concert and that is what the festival life is really all about.

FYF blog missy elliott.jpg

Finally,  Solange came back for her third performance at FYF since 2013. Her set, which she choreographed and composed herself, was a celebration of black lives that was made obvious fairly quickly into her performance. From her cathartic Cranes In The Sky to her moving performance of A Seat At The Table, Solange showed the captivated audience what it truly means to be an artist all while dressed head to toe in all red.


That wraps up our recap on this years FYF Fest! Thanks for tuning in, don’t forget to comment your favorite performer down below in the comments section! 🙂

The FAB Team,

Edith & Itzel

A week of being Vegan

In the past few years, veganism has been steadily gaining more followers and supporters as people want to promote a lifestyle that not only is healthier but also prevents animal cruelty.  Netflix has even come out with an original movie this summer, Okja where the central message shows the general public that consuming animals is harmful and works to sway opinions on turning vegan.  Veganism is being vegetarian with the addition of avoiding all dairy products and any other animal by products such as honey, fur, leather, etc.  I started noticing that veganism was blowing up since more and more people were making the decision to become vegan and start a completely different lifestyle so I tried becoming vegan for a week.  

On day 1 I decided to kick off my vegan week by going to one of the most popular and well-known vegan restaurants in the LA area- By Chloe in Silver Lake.  I got a “guac burger” and fries with beet ketchup and the meal was so delicious.  Although the burger obviously didn’t taste like real meat (as some people try claiming vegan patties do), the patty made up of black beans, quinoa, and bread crumbs was equally as delicious as an In-N-Out burger!  The fries tasted normal and even better than non-vegan fries in my opinion so all in all, By Chloe was a great start to my vegan diet and I would definitely go there again.  

by chloe.jpg

After my meal I got an acai bowl for dessert at UbaTuba and it was a super tasty dessert that I always got anyways so it helped that it also happened to be vegan.


On day 2 I decided to go grocery shopping so I could make my own vegan meals and I got bagels, avocados, tomatoes, cereal, rice, beans, and tofu.  For my first meal, I made a toasted bagel with avocado slices and lemon pepper for seasoning and it was super yummy and simple.  For dinner I made imitation scrambled eggs using the tofu and adding different seasonings that I found through YouTube tutorials and put that on toast.  

On day 3 I went to fast food places that I like and just modified my orders so that it would be vegan and I knew how to modify the food also through videos I found (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNeaf2m_vyA&t=222s).  Knowing how to modify my orders to make it vegan made it a lot easier because I would be able to eat my favorite foods still all while still sticking to the strict vegan diet. bagel.jpg

taco bell.jpg

 On day 4 I went to a korean tofu house and made sure the broth wasn’t meat based and didn’t get meat inside of my tofu soup.  The soup was still very rich and delicious and I was able to eat the traditional korean sides that were vegetables such as the kimchi, the pickled cucumber, and the bean sprouts.

korean tofu soup.jpg

 On day 5 I started struggling more because I would crave chicken and beef since I’m so used to those being in my everyday diet.  It was harder to stick to the vegan diet because I couldn’t even eat eggs which I also really love.  However, I knew i needed to keep going so I looked up some recipes that could substitute veggies for meat and tried making imitation chicken fried rice.  The recipe didn’t end up really tasting like chicken so I went to Whole Foods and bought Daiya chicken and added rice and other veggies to make it more flavorful.  

fried rice.jpg

On day 6 I cooked a stir fry with yakisoba noodles, assorted veggies (broccoli, red and green peppers, spinach) and a homemade sauce of soy sauce, oil, and brown sugar.  The stir fry ended up tasting really good and was pretty filling as well.


 For my last day I went out to eat again at By Chloe since it was so good and I wanted to end my vegan week at a true vegan restaurant just to wrap up the whole week.  


After my week of being vegan I realized it was a lot harder to adjust to this lifestyle than it seems and that you have to be really dedicated in order to stay vegan.  At some points I wanted to cheat and have meat so you also need to keep a strong mindset and remember that you are changing your thoughts on meat.  The hardest part about being vegan was remembering that even if the food item isn’t meat, if it is associated with an animal (animal by product) then you can’t eat it as well.  I would forget that even Nutella isn’t vegan so I couldn’t eat that when I snacked and I couldn’t eat cereal with normal milk.  Although it is hard becoming vegan all of a sudden, I think it would be a lot easier if I watched more videos talking about the cons of consuming meat and if I eased into it more.  This week taught me a lot about the dedication people have for a cause that they are passionate about.  Comment below if you would try challenging yourself to a week of being vegan and seeing if this lifestyle is for you or not!

The Fab Team,

Edith, Itzel, & Sara

Tips for a great Summer body

It’s a few weeks into summer which means endless beach trips, invites to Vegas, and tank tops and shorts.  If you don’t have your perfect summer bod yet, have no fear because we’re about to share some tips to help get your body Instagram and pool ready.  Of course getting the perfect summer body takes time but with patience and dedication, you’ll be toned and tanned.



During the summer months the temperatures will tend to skyrocket and as a result so should the amount of water you intake daily. It is especially important to drink water if you are planning on drinking alcohol!

Out of Sight Out of Mind!

summer tips blog .jpg

It is easier to keep a healthy diet if you leave unhealthy foods, such as your fav bag of chips, out of your house entirely.  Having only healthy foods within reach will make it easier to switch your favorite movie snack from ice cream bites to frozen grapes!

Stay Busy!

summer tips 2.jpg

Keeping yourself busy throughout the day will make it harder for you to eat out of boredom. Sign up for a yoga class or go to that kickboxing class your bestie has been raving about. The time for change in your daily routine is now!

Don’t Skip Meals!

summer tips 3.jpg

Don’t fall for the fad diets made up of less than 1,050 – 1,200 calories. Diets of this nature actually tend to be counterproductive and could slow down your metabolism! So stick to a healthy balanced meal packed with plenty of colorful veggies.

Try using Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is a good tool in helping you lose weight because it acts as an appetite suppressor and will reduce your urges to snack and eat a lot during the day.  It also prevents fat accumulation by stimulating your metabolism thus helping you burn fat faster.  To incorporate apple cider vinegar in your everyday diet, it is recommended that you take a tablespoon of it before every meal up to two tablespoons.  You should not take too much apple cider vinegar in a day because it is acidic and can produce negative effects if it is consumed in excess.

        We hope our tips and tricks will help you along your fitness journey! Comment down below any tips you found helpful. 🙂

Top Ice Cream Shops

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Welcome back to Fab Design Co. Today we have a sweet treat for all you melting away with the newest heat wave to hit SoCal! Below we have for you our top 5 Ice Cream shops that we know you’ll be sure to love:

1.Little Damage


The latest foodie trend is here, and it is black soft serve ice cream! Yup, you heard us right! Hesitant to try it? Don’t be! Little Damage uses all local and organic ingredients when making their infamous ice cream. Their signature black color is created naturally by using activated charcoal and sweetened naturally with sweet almonds. Their cones are even hand rolled and prepared fresh right as you order! For those who may not dig the whole black ice cream trend, they do offer pastel colored ice creams such as ‘unicorn tears’, ‘avocado dream’, and even a vegan offering, ‘mango sticky rice.’ So next time you’re in the DTLA area, grab yourself a cone (or two) and enjoy! Until then, you can drool over their Instagram feed like we’re doing right now.

2. Afters

afters ice cream .jpg

Afters ice cream made it mark on the world with their now very popular Milky Bun. The Milky Bun consists of an oversized glazed donut stuffed with homemade ice cream and your choice of toppings. YUM! Original Ice Cream flavors vary from Churro to Jasmine Milk Tea so you’re sure to find a flavor you’ll melt over. With 15 locations in Southern California and counting, next time your spot an Afters Ice Cream sign don’t hesitate to pull over and pick a sweet treat!

3. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creamschi-jenis-splendid-ice-cream-opens-in-wicker-park-20150309.jpg

This ice cream shop, originally founded in Columbus, Ohio now has four locations across Los Angeles and 31 locations across the U.S., so they are definitely not amateurs to the ice cream business! You may be asking, who is Jeni? Jeni is the founder of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, and what makes her stand out above the rest of her fellow ice cream competitors is that she believes in using whole ingredients that come straight from their family farms in Ohio. Some of their popular flavors include: Wildberry Lavender, Churro, & Gooey Butter Cake…can you say YUMM?!? Next time you’re looking for a sweet treat, stop by Jeni’s and treat yourself to a couple scoops!

4. Cauldron Ice Cream

ice cream.JPG

Next up, Cauldron Ice Cream! This sweet treat shop is known for putting a cool twist on all their menu items. All of their ice cream is made using liquid nitrogen which yields a smooth and delicious treat. This delicious ice cream is then placed on their “puffle cone.” A puffle cone is a nontraditional version of  waffle and can be pulled apart and dipped in to the ice cream itself. The shop cycles through different seasonal flavors so you’ll always have something new to try!

5. Grom


Lastly, Grom is an old school gelato shop whose mission is to create gelato the old fashioned way without any artificial coloring and preservatives! On top of that their cool treats are made with mostly imported italian ingredients so it will be the closest thing to authentic Italian gelato without actually having to leave the continent. And for those who love frozen treats but not the milk their made with, Grom does have a wide variety of water and fruit based seasonal sorbets for you to choose from!  

There you have it ladies and gents, our top 5 picks for where to go to satisfy your sweet tooth! Comment below your fav place to go get a sweet treat to cool off with this summer 🙂

The Fab Team,

Itzel, Sara, & Edith

How to Create the Perfect 4th of July Party

What’s up ladies n gents!!  With the 4th of July quickly approaching, we thought we’d share tips on how to host the perfect Independence Day BBQ so bring out the flag aprons, red bandanas, and sundresses/tank tops!  Of course any party isn’t complete until you have lots and lots of delicious food and drinks for your guests so we got you covered!!  Here are two cute and easy DIY snacks and drinks you can make for your BBQ that are both patriotic and yummy.

Red, White, and Blue Rice Krispie Treats

What you’ll need:

4 popsicle sticks

2 oz white candy melts

8 pack rice krispie treats, unwrapped

4 oz red candy melts

4 oz blue candy melts

Red, white and blue sprinkles


1. Melt the red, blue, and white candies in the microwave in three separate bowls.  

2.  Dip the unwrapped rice krispie treats in either the melted red, blue, or white bowls.  

3.  Put the rice krispie on a tray with parchment paper and put it in the fridge to harden for 30 mins-1 hr.  

4.  Once the rice krispies are dried, drizzle blue and white on the red rice krispie, red and white on the blue one, etc.  

5.  Add sprinkles on the treat and stick the popsicle stick with a little of the melted candy (to help it stick) on the bottom of the rice krispy treat and voilaaa we got ourselves the perfect bite sized snack!

rice krispy.jpg

  Red, White, and Blueberry Sangria

4th of july sangria .jpg

This fabulous recipe serves 10:

What you’ll need:

  • Produce:
  • 2 apples, sliced
  • 2 cups of blueberries
  • 1 lb of strawberries, sliced
  • Drinks:
  • 1 cup of grape juice, White
  • 1 bottle of champagne/sparkling wine or prosecco
  • 1 bottle white wine, dry

Directions: Place all ingredients in a pitcher of your liking, mix, and it’s ready to serve! Quick, simple, but very delicious!

Next up, the fourth of July fashion do’s and don’ts:

  1. DO– Wear patriotic colors that are subtle yet go well together.
  2. DON’T– Wear a tacky flag prints.
  3. DO– Add a cute accessory such as a red or blue bandana to your hair.
  4. DON’T– Put crazy colors in your hair such as spraying one side red and another blue.

tacky flag.jpg

red bandana .jpg

Moving right along from food and attire to decorations, we have a couple quick and easy ways to light up your 4th of july festivities!

DIY lanterns

DIY fourth of july lanterns.jpg

What you’ll need:

  • 3 little american flags
  • 3 mason jars
  • Sand
  • 3 LED tea lights


Pour sand into each mason jar. Then place a flag along the inside wall of each jar, securing them with the sand. Finally, place a tea light in the center of each jar and just like that you have 3 cute decorative pieces for your celebration. These look especially good along the walkway to your house, as table centerpieces, and along the perimeter of a patio!

DIY Fourth of July Wreath


What you’ll need:

  • Wreath form, any size
  • Red, White, and Blue stars, multiple sizes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon


Glue paper stars onto a wreath form with a glue gun, and then glue three pieces of ribbon of different lengths onto one area of the wreath form. This portion will be the bottom. From there simply glue a star to the ends of each ribbon and it’s ready to hang! [optional] On the opposite side glue a piece of ribbon, gluing down both ends to form a loop for easy hanging.

Decorations aren’t just for the table, if you have a pool, be sure to put some really cute pool floaties in it so it makes the pool look more festive and your pictures will be completely Instagram ready.

pool floaties.jpg

 Hope everyone tries out some of these DIY options for a successful and fun party.  If you have any cute ideas for spicing up a fourth of July get together, comment below!

The FAB team,

Edith & Itzel