October FAB Woman of the Month

FAB readers, meet our October FAB woman of the month, Lorina Daiana!  She is the founder of lifestyle blog Grace Belle, making her a total #girlboss! Along with Grace Belle, she also owns Blogger Studios, where you can learn about launching your own blog, and @PixieDarlings, an Instagram account dedicated to sharing the magic of Disney. She definitely knows a thing or two about content creation and the importance of social media presence for a brand – if you haven’t checked out her Instagram (@LorinaDaiana) yet, you’ll definitely see what I mean!  So without further ado, we present Lorina!

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Tell us a little bit about Grace Belle and what inspired you to start it?

Grace Belle is a community & lifestyle brand that revolves around 4 personas; the Creative, the Adventurer, the Sweetheart and the Fashionista. It’s unique in that instead of categories we have personas to create content for. Originally Grace Belle was going to be a clothing store and I was going to Cal Poly Pomona for Apparel Merchandise & Management to learn how to open it. (See photos below). While in school I learned the importance of marketing and building an audience before you launch a store which is when I launched gracebelle.com. While planning the launch I decided to create the 4 personas and represent 4 styles. Although fashion and merchandising was something I loved, my biggest passion was community and bringing people together. I use to daydream about hosting workshops afterhours in the shop and how I could cultivate a community of ladies through it. Then after a few months of running the website we started to quickly grow an online community, we even hosted a few in person events. I quickly realized that I didn’t necessarily need a clothing store to cultivate a community and that’s when Grace Belle switched from a store to a community brand. 
Long story short, my love for community and branding is what led me to start Grace Belle. 

Why do you think diversity is important in the fashion industry, or any industry?

There is so much diversity in the world because every person is unique and has a list of interests and styles they love. Knowing that, it means a business (whether in the fashion industry or tech or any industry) can narrow down a demographic and target audience to sell to. Having the diversity in the industries allows brands to collaborate instead of competing. Since everyone takes on little notch of the industry, there’s space for all to succeed and even more so when supporting one another. 

Who is your inspiration and what do they inspire in you?

  • Jenna Kutcher – She created an amazing brand / business and is teaching others how to do it as well through her podcasts “Goal Digger” 
  • Dale Partridge – He’s an incredible entrepreneur and is all about educating others to become successful in order for them to have the freedom of time to spend it with loved ones
  • Andy Nguyen – Restaurant guru who started multiple viral restaurants such as Afters Ice Cream. He is a huge inspiration for me because even though he is incredibly successful, he is also very humble. There are successful people that will not give you the time of day unless you are at some elite level but Andy is one of those people who is kind to all. That is so inspiring to me. 
  • Dennis Stamatoiu – Dennis is one of those guys that works incredibly hard, is very driven and learns everything on his own. If he wants to do something, he’ll learn how to do it. He inspires me to reach for high goals annnd to always learn new techniques and programs.  

Is there anything you wish to inspire in others?

To chase their dreams. Too many people get stuck in a Mon-Fri job that they hate and it’s usually because they let fear stop them from chasing their dreams. I always ask people “if you didn’t let fear hold you back, what would you achieve”? Go for it, you can do it! Work hard now and you’ll create the life you want, remember you only have one life and I’m guessing you don’t want 60% of it to be doing something you don’t love. 

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What do you feel is the most important aspect when expressing yourself through social media?

To express yourself on social media well you have to be known for something and you can do that by building a brand. To build an effective one you have to create a niche for yourself, what is it you want to be known for? On my personal Instagram @LorinaDaiana, I talk about 4 topics; faith, fashion, travel and entrepreneurship. I stated this in my bio and continue to share posts within those 4 categories. Besides those 4 topics I stand out by creating a specific look / brand. If you look at my profile it’s bright, girly, and you’ll probably see lots of pink hues across it. 

What advice do you have for younger girls who are looking to pursue their dreams?

Be resourceful. Learn as much as you can, take courses, listen to podcasts, watch free videos and take notes through it all. Once you kind of have a grasp of the industry you want to go in, then make a plan. I highly recommend the Startup Camp Workshop Series (http://startupcamp.com/?ref=5) for when you are ready to launch a business. I’ve taken many business courses in school and in workshops and this has been the best investment out of them all. 
For more about Lorina Daiana and Grace Belle, you can check out the website: https://gracebelle.com/ and Instagram: @gracebelle.
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MTV VMA’s Performance Recap

Welcome back to all of our FAB readers! We are back and better than ever to give you guys the load down on this year’s MTV VMAs.  With plenty of memorable performances throughout the night, we can’t wait to get started and fill you all in.  

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First up is the one and only Kendrick Lamar. He took a grand total of 6 awards throughout the night, finally breaking his running losing streak. However what really captured and held our attention was his unique and powerful performance of the night. His performance, which included his rendition of his top 5 hits to date, was truly notable as not just visually stunning, with ninja’s climbing burning scaffold as he rapped, but politically stunning as well. Kendrick Lamar chose to keep a sample of Fox’s The Five, in which they criticised his 2015 BET showing, as the opener to his hit track DNA. While this performance wasn’t as politically charged as some of his past ones were, it still made it clear to all in attendance that he will remain politically active in all aspects of his career including performances.

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Next up we have Khalid who has been no stranger to the media in the recent months since he’s been killin it with his album and all the performances- including his crazy Santa Monica free concert that shut the pier down so it’s no surprise to us that he won for best new artist.  His performance was a medley of his wildly popular songs, ‘Location’ and ‘Young, Dumb, and Broke’ putting everyone in a light and happy mood.  This young artist may have just graduated high school but his recent streak of success shows that his career has just begun and he’s not planning on slowing down anytime soon.  Khalid took to Twitter to express his happiness about winning the award and his tweet shows his humble and sweet personality, you go Khalid!  We’re definitely rooting for you.
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The VMA’s are always entertaining and full of surprises so when Thirty Seconds to Mars performed with an unlikely collab partner- Travis Scott everyone was pleasantly surprised.  The rock band and the hiphop artist performed “Walk on Water” with a feature from Travis Scott’s song “Butterfly Effect” and the two different genres of music went well together  in a unique way.  The performance was interesting since all the artists were under a heat sensitive camera and no one expected Travis Scott to be featured in their song since they’re pretty different styles of music.  Thank you to Thirty Seconds to Mars for giving us the collab that we never knew we needed until now!

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Fifth Harmony’s performances have always been spicy and exciting but this time they were extra fierce in a different way.  As many of you readers may know, Fifth Harmony has had some drama with their ex-member Camila Carmelo since they all had a not-so-clean break up.  Reportedly Camila left the group to pursue her own solo career without telling the group and the group made it clear through their performance that they were doing just fine without her.  In the beginning of the pop girl group’s performance, there are clearly 5 silhouettes and within 5 seconds of the performance starting, the 5th person is thrown off stage.  Many fans noticed the group obviously throwing shade at the member who left and had mixed feelings about it.  However, the rest of Fifth Harmony’s performance was stunning as the girls danced in a futuristic setting since they were all wearing sparkly black and silver outfits and were dancing in glass boxes.

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However, not all performances are purely glitz and glam, we have to end our list of amazing performances with Logic’s.  His performance was simple and straight to the point, but it left a lasting impact on all the viewers.  He performed his hit song ‘1-800-273-8255’ and it was super meaningful because he draws attention to suicide prevention and the importance of mental health.  The song highlights that everyone feels lonely sometimes and that people should never feel like they’re alone while going through dark times because there are always going to be others who can be there for you.  Instead of having back up dancers in exaggerated costumes, the people in the background of Logic’s performance were suicide survivors that wore white T-shirts with the suicide hotline number (which is also the title of his song) written on the front, and his central message of “You are not alone” on the back.  Logic is the paradigm of a conscious celebrity by using fame in a positive manner through using his large platform to highlight social issues that need to be addressed and shedding light on important struggles.

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Last but certainly not least, the night was topped off this year with P!nk being chosen to the recipient of this years Video Vanguard award. This award honors an artist’s lifetime achievement within the music industry and it is considered the show’s highest honor. Following a hilarious introduction by Ellen Degeneres, P!nk graciously accepted the prestigious award and included in her acceptance speech a moving rendition of a conversation she had with her daughter. It touched on the importance of accepting and celebrating one’s true self and not bending nor conforming to society’s standards of beauty. Giving homage to gender norm defying music icons such as Michael Jackson and David Bowie for not only being true to themselves but for also paving the way for future artist, like herself, to do the same. Not only was her incredible speech moving but it rang true to everyone in the audience.


That’s a wrap for us on this year’s MTV VMA performances, we hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed writing this piece for you! If we didn’t touch on your favorite performance of the night, let us know what it was in the comments down below! Don’t forget to share with your friends 🙂


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Edith & Itzel

Can’t Hide Our Love for Hidden Figures


This week we are crushing hard on Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae.  While everyone else can’t stop talking about the envelope shuffle over La La Land and Moonlight, I’m still focusing on how incredible it is that Hidden Figures was nominated for three academy awards: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress, and Adapted Screenplay!

As bummed as I am to find out that the movie did not happen to win in any of these categories, I’m more than ecstatic that a film like this was nominated in so many categories and has already snagged a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast and multiple NAACP Image Awards just to name a few.

With recent controversy over the years regarding “Oscar’s so white”, it’s refreshing to see a nomination of a movie that not just has a diverse, mostly Black cast, but also has a cast that is most significantly female.


Coincidentally, February is Black History Month, and March is Women’s History Month. All of this attention could not have come at a more perfect time!
The celebration of diversity and being proud of your culture and ethnicity is exactly what Fashionistas For You is all about. You can be any race, shape, size, height, or ethnicity, and still be crazy intelligent, as well as crazy beautiful. We love that Hidden FIgures embodies that part of our mission statement and recommend that you take the time to watch the movie for the first time (or 10th time, like us)!

Aleksandra, Sara & Charissa

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