7 Throwback Halloween Costume Ideas

Welcome back to all our FAB readers, here we have for you 7 Halloween Costume Ideas that will take you back to the 90’s!

  1. Veronica Sawyer – Heathers (1989)


Pair your favorite black crop top with a blue skirt and a soft gray cardigan for a “so very” chic outfit!

  1. Rachel Green – Friends (1994)

Rachel Green DIY

…or literally any Rachel Green outfit…ever.

  1. Mia Wallace – Pulp Fiction (1994)


Here’s a video that will help you recreate her iconic look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmliheI6guM

  1. TLC (1990-1998)


Grab your favorite cropped tea, some edgy black sweatpants, and blast “No Scrubs”!

  1. East Compton Clovers- Bring It On (2000)


Amazon will be your best friend for this one. From the cheer outfit to an iron on clovers patch, amazon will help make your DIY dreams come true!

  1. Sarah, Bonnie, Nancy, and Rochelle- The Craft (1996)


With an outfit like this no one will question who the weirdos are…mister.

  1. Charlie’s Angels (2000)


Technically the angels are from the early 2000’s, but how could we leave out our favorite action heroines?


That’s a wrap for us! We hope this has inspired some totally 90’s DIY costume ideas! Comment down below your favorite and don’t forget to share with friends 🙂


Wishing you a FAB halloween!


The FAB team,

Itzel & Melina

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna First Impressions

Hello and welcome back to our ultra fabulous readers! Today we will be discussing all things beauty, specifically Fenty Beauty! Unless you’ve been living under a rock you may have heard by now that the incredible RiRi has come out with her own makeup line. This makeup line has been getting a lot of buzz because it was curated and thought up of with woman of all skin tones in mind. So without further discussion let’s jump right in!


Foundation ($34)

fenty blog 4

Rihanna shook up the beauty industry by debuting 40 different shades of foundation. Which for those with either really light or really dark complexions, this diverse range of shades will seem god sent! Now, this foundation is said to be a demi-matte finish with a medium to full coverage and once set this makeup should last you throughout your work day. The only difficult aspect of this foundation will be finding your perfect shade. Each foundation will come labeled with not only the shade but also the undertones. But as an insider tip, grab a foundation a couple of shades lighter than anticipated as this foundation is said to oxidize on the skin once dry!  So keep your receipt when purchasing just in case you need to exchange for a different shade later on.  


Highlighter ($34)

fenty blog 2

Net up is our personal favorite, the highlighters! Fenty Beauty debuted with 6 different highlighters under the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter range. Each shade caters not only to one’s color preference but also to different skin tones as well. The most talked about highlighter currently is Trophy Wife. Trophy Wife is a 3D hyper metallic gold and it is blinding! This highlighter delivers a stunning gold highlight that can be applied anywhere from the cheek bones to the collarbone and more. But be warned all of these highlighters are super pigmented so it’s best to layer on a little bit at a time.


Lips ($18)

fenty blog 3

The one thing we did find interesting about Fenty Beauty was the lack of lip products. To be specific currently there is only one lip product within the entire line. However that being said this lip product, the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, is the ultimate lip product. This lip gloss delivers with its ultra high shine and universally flattering rose nude shade. This gloss is said to be flattering on most skin complexions and unlike most glosses, with its unique gel like formula, this product is not sticky on the lips whatsoever! Which for us is a win in our book.  


Brushes ($16-34)

fenty blog 1

Finally, rounding out our first impression on Fenty Beauty, let’s talk about brushes. Rihanna didn’t stop at just makeup, she also debuted a range of beauty tools to help you apply all her fabulous makeup. From a foundation brush to a beauty sponge, there are a lot of options for you to choose from if you are in the market for new beauty tools. Prices range from 16 dollars for the beauty sponge to 34 dollars for a full sized brush. The sponge is said to be comparable if not better than the makeup cult classic Beauty Blender and the brushed themselves are said to be extremely soft and densely packed! Overall the beauty tools are a hit and you can’t go wrong.

That rounds out our first impressions on Rihanna’s newly debuted Fenty Beauty. We hoped you liked our take on some of our favorite products! Comment down below your favorite product thus far and what you’re excited for Fenty Beauty to come out with next. 🙂

Wishing you a fabulous week!

The FAB Team,

Itzel & Edith 

Our September FAB Woman of the Month

Welcome back for another FAB woman of the month feature! This month, we would like you to meet Christina, one of the founders of apparel company Citizen & Darling, who’s mission is to help put an end to human trafficking.  With her business partner, Karina, these two ladies have shown the apparel world that they are true goal-getters and girl-bosses!

Tell us a little bit about Citizen & Darling and what inspired you to start it?

Citizen & Darling is an ethical apparel brand that focuses on bringing awareness to Human trafficking, specifically in Los Angeles. My friend Karina (now business partner) was really devastated when she learned about human trafficking a few years back and its connection to the fashion industry. She had gone to school at FIDM and I had a background in psychology as well as working with the needy through various mission trips, and once she shared her understanding of human trafficking we wanted to collaborate our strengths for change. We wanted to provide a message of hope, value, and purpose- ultimately inspired from our faith, as a means of restoring the identity that is commonly skewed in those coming out of human trafficking, but also as a prevention tool for those vulnerable and susceptible as well.  

Who is your inspiration and what do they inspire in you?

Our inspiration mainly comes from our Christian faith. As Christians we feel like it is our responsibility to put an end to injustices we see happening, and this specific one hits far too close to home. Human trafficking is also something that violates our most basic rights, and has a mindset that takes away the human element. Because we feel people are created in Gods image, that is the ultimate offense and we have been determined to help put an end to it. 
We were also inspired by the documentary- The True Cost. It is a great documentary that exposes how the fashion industry is contributing to slave labor all around the world, but also gives a powerful insight on how to make a change. 
We have also been inspired by the brand- Krochet Kids. Krochet Kids because they proved that the fashion industry can change people’s lives for good- that perseverance can really change the world.
A21’s founder Christine Cane because her testimony has shown the beauty of transformation that is possible. She is someone who has rescued thousands of human trafficking survivors around the world through her organization A21 Campaign, and used her own transformation and redemption story as a way to help those coming out of slavery restore their lives. 
We are also inspired by some fellow brands of ours- UNCVRD Jewelry, and The Tote Project, who are ran by women here in Los Angeles that have a passion for the fight of human trafficking and creating sustainable products that not only give back, but fight against fast fashion.  

Why do you think diversity is important in the fashion industry or any industry?

I think diversity is very important in all industries. Different strengths and talents need to shine, and for the fashion industry specifically, diversity is what prevents it from being boring and flat, and bringing new beauty. Everyone has a story to tell, and fashion is a great way to show that because our clothes can represent us as individuals.  We believe that diversity is an expression of Gods creation and that should be celebrated. 


What do you feel is the most important aspect when expressing yourself through social media?

The biggest point we want to get across through our social media is that God loves you just the way you are. You are accepted, and there is so much freedom in that. Freedom to enjoy life, but also to recognize and refuse to accept that that same narrative is taken away for so many people around the world. We also like to celebrate our beautiful Los Angeles, because we love the people and the culture here, and we want to change LA into an anti-trafficking city who really loves people. And lastly, that sustainable fashion can look just as beautiful and trendy as fast fashion. 

Is there anything you wish to inspire in others?

We want to be a brand that people associate with hope and value, and make it accessible for anyone and everyone to pass that message of hope. That you are wonderfully made, that you are beloved, that you are seen as darling in Gods eyes, that you are a citizen of His Kingdom. Ultimately, even human trafficking cannot take those things away from you. We hope that Citizen&Darling helps strengthen the movement of slow fashion, and investing in our clothes the same way we invest in each other. That everyone has the ability to end human trafficking in small ways. Most people would never want to contribute to human trafficking if they were given a choice, but unfortunately that is what happens when we support brands that use slave labor. So if anything, we want to inspire others to start choosing your purchases to reflect your values.

What advice do you have for younger girls who are looking to pursue their dreams?

My advice would be not to be so hard on yourself while trying to get off the ground. There were so many times I never thought Citizen & Darling would happen, and then someone told me that in order for everyone else to believe in your brand, you have to first. If you are truly passionate about something, it doesn’t have to be perfect in order to work. You learn as you go, and there really is a lot of amazing possibilities out there. I would also say – don’t compare yourself to others. With social media especially it’s so easy to look at someone else and think they have it more together than you, but honestly- in my experience most people also feel that way, and each person has something unique and special to bring to the table. Never stop trying. 

For more about Citizen and Darling, you can check out their website: https://citizenanddarling.com/ & their Instagram: @citizenanddarling.

the FAB team


FAB Woman Spotlight

Meet Alex Morehouse, our FAB Woman of the month… She’s an undergraduate student, and has already started her own business. Alex is a perfect example of a true girl boss. She’s reaching for her dreams by working to help others accomplish their goals, and we think this makes her exceptionally FAB. We sat down for an interview with Alex and got to learn a little more about her business, what inspires her, and what she wishes to inspire in others.

Tell us a little about The Gypsy Shack and what inspired you to start it.

I started The Gypsy Shack with my best friend, Iris, and TGS was originally a blog for sharing our adventures (mainly food and fashion related) through photos and short stories, but has in the last 6 months grown into a collaboration hub for creatives and businesses seeking help with content, promotion or growing into omni-channel sales. TGS will also be hosting workshops, classes, meet-ups, and family vacations – amongst many other fun things coming up this year! Our talent agency will be up and running in two months and I can’t wait to see what else 2017 has in store for us!

Who is your inspiration and what do they inspire in you?

My team – my company wouldn’t be where it is without them. The whole purpose of the grind and the hustle is so that my friends and colleagues can make a living off of doing what they love! Each team member has been cooperative, collaborative, and so supportive of me and my vision – they inspire me everyday to keep pushing and growing! 

Why do you think diversity is important in the fashion industry or any industry?

I think it’s a direct correlate of our society and community! There is so much diversity and uniqueness all around us, we should be showcasing that and using it to our advantage!

What do you feel is the most important aspect when expressing yourself through social media? What would be something for people to take and draw from your many adventures?

I always try to be very real, especially in my Instagram stories I like to give a BTS view. Running a company is not glamorous, it’s exhausting, there’s legal forms and contracts and licenses and meetings and interviews – and I try to be very transparent about that! I want people to know that we’re all real people behind the screens and monitors!

Is there anything you wish to inspire in others?

I wish to inspire others to create fearlessly. Sometimes we get too caught up in our own head, or often times in others. We worry about how many likes an image will get, or if we’ll lose followers for posting a picture with grandma instead of that hot bikini pic… we need to get back to the root of art and photography and create unapologetically!

What advice do you have for younger girls who are looking to pursue their dreams?

Work hard, don’t give up. If opportunities don’t present themselves to you, make your own opportunities – create jobs for yourself! Get creative!

the FAB Team

Met Gala Hairstyle Crushes

As always, when it comes to FAB fashion, this year’s Met Gala did not disappoint!  So much style inspiration in the forever-fashionable NYC but let’s not forget the hair.  These artful dos had me screaming yaaaaaaaas!


Zendaya. Yes, of course her Dolce & Gabbana gown is beautiful but let’s keep it completely real…it’s the compliment of her big voluptuous natural hair that makes her style aesthetic eye-catching perfection.


Thandie Newton.  With creole earrings, smoky eye make-up perfection and a flower adorned headpiece, this FAB mother of three keeps your attention from head to toe.


Cara Delevingne amped up the buzz-cut she’s rocking for her role in Life in a Year with metallic silver paint for a dramatic futuristic look that makes her an elegant sci-fi fashion fantasy come true.


Lala Anthony.  You know how you always want to look fierce on the day that you run into your ex no matter how long it’s been?  Well even though this fashion statement is all about Lala looking simply FAB and being “Unbreakable” (as described in her Instagram photo above), we still have two words… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


Rita Ora. I’ll admit that her beautiful bling drew me in close but it was her edgy textured hair that became the conversation piece.  LOVE this brilliant hair design by César DeLeön Ramirez.

the FAB Team

Black Girl Magic: 20 FAB Coachella Looks

If it’s spring, then it’s time for Coachella 2017!  Every year thousands head to the small desert town, Indio, for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and we’re no different.  Even though this modern day Woodstock features some of the world’s top bands and music artists, we are all about the fashion.  From bold expressions of style to the coolest carefree get-ups, here are some FAB looks we loved.




















the FAB Team

Can’t Hide Our Love for Hidden Figures


This week we are crushing hard on Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae.  While everyone else can’t stop talking about the envelope shuffle over La La Land and Moonlight, I’m still focusing on how incredible it is that Hidden Figures was nominated for three academy awards: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress, and Adapted Screenplay!

As bummed as I am to find out that the movie did not happen to win in any of these categories, I’m more than ecstatic that a film like this was nominated in so many categories and has already snagged a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast and multiple NAACP Image Awards just to name a few.

With recent controversy over the years regarding “Oscar’s so white”, it’s refreshing to see a nomination of a movie that not just has a diverse, mostly Black cast, but also has a cast that is most significantly female.


Coincidentally, February is Black History Month, and March is Women’s History Month. All of this attention could not have come at a more perfect time!
The celebration of diversity and being proud of your culture and ethnicity is exactly what Fashionistas For You is all about. You can be any race, shape, size, height, or ethnicity, and still be crazy intelligent, as well as crazy beautiful. We love that Hidden FIgures embodies that part of our mission statement and recommend that you take the time to watch the movie for the first time (or 10th time, like us)!

Aleksandra, Sara & Charissa

the FAB Team